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Posted 1 year ago

It’s time for a comeback…

Yes, Adam Ant is coming back (soon we will hear from him first album for the last 17 years!!!)! And, by the way, today he turns 58. Happy birthday, Adam! :-)

Posted 1 year ago

For one of the wildest boys!

Today is the birthday of one of members of new wave band “Duran Duran” Simon Le Bon - he turns 54!

I wish Simon health and luck and also “Duran Duran” to come in Russia again! ;-)

Posted 2 years ago

Kickstart out hearts!

Today the drummer of rock band “Motley Crue” Tommy Lee celebrates his 50th anniversary.

Posted 2 years ago

For our pleasure…

Today is the birthday of a former frontman of cult band “Roxy Music” and successful solo performer Bryan Ferry - he turns 67 today.

Happy birthday, Bryan! :)

Posted 2 years ago

Champagne supernova today.

Today we have the reason to drink some champagne… because it’s a jubilee of Liam Gallagher, the former frontman of rock band “Oasis”. He celebrates his 40th anniversary.

Happy birthday, Liam!

Posted 2 years ago

For the most mysterious woman…

Today is the 51th birthday of french performer Mylene Farmer, one of the most mysterious women in pop scene.

Posted 2 years ago

Another birthday in the (rock) wall!

Today Roger Waters, former bass guitar player of “Pink Floyd” and a person with an active political attitude, is 69! Happy Birthday, Roger!

Posted 2 years ago

Who is fated to live forever…

Today is the day when Freddie Mercury could celebrate his 66th birthday. We will always miss such a man with so powerful voice and so much energy.

Posted 2 years ago

Give in to him…

Today Michael Jackson could celebrate his 54th birthday… Let’s remember this talented man…

Posted 2 years ago

In chains forever.

Today we have one more might-have-been jubilee - Layne Staley, frontman of iconic rock band “Alice In Chains”, could celebrate his 45th anniversary…

Posted 2 years ago

A might-have-been jubilee…

If Joe Strummer was alive at this day, he could celebrate his 60th anniversary… Thanks for “The Clash” band, for its music, its music riots and, most of all, for making history of music. Not only London, but every town, I think, will always call such talents as you.

Posted 2 years ago

Note about heavy music.

Today frontman of rock band “System of a down” Serj Tankian celebrates his 45th anniversary. Honestly, the music like one of “System of a down” is not my cup of tea, but, to say about the last one, I like its atmosphere and if I liked such music, I would get acquainted to the creation of “SOAD”. Also I heard from my friends, which are fans of this band, that their concerts are “f**king fantastic” - I believe them. I wish I could understand the music of such a band, but now I will just greet Serj with this anniversary and wish him happiness and health. :)

Posted 2 years ago

Whola lotta more…

Yesterday was a birthday of Ian Gillan, and today is a birthday of another great vocalist - Robert Plant, frontman of iconic band “Led Zeppelin”. He turns 64 today. Happy Birthday, Robert!

Posted 2 years ago

Two birthdays in one day.

Today is a really great day for those who love real rock music. Two birthdays: one is celebrated by Ian Gillan (67th birthday), frontman of “Deep Purple” and, as for me, one of the best vocalists ever; second is celebrated by bass guitar player John Deacon (61st birthday).

Posted 2 years ago


Only today I remembered that yesterday Madonna celebrated her 54th birthday. I feel very sorry for that I forgot about birthday of one of my favourite singers of all times, but, to the other hand, it’s not a crime to greet a person later. So I greet Madonna and wish her happiness and health. And also patience to her fans (you know what I mean :P ).

p.s.: By the way…